Game Walker Net - 1998.06.20

Suzuki Masami (ڿ)
Machiko's first video clip "Minimum" went on sale today.

The first corner was the game sales corner by Sofmap Akihabara. Eberouge Special (Playstation) was number 5, Eberouge Special (Sega Saturn) was number 4, Dark Messaiya (Playstation) was number 3, Pocket Fighter (Playstation) was number 2, World Cup 98 France Road To Win (Sega Saturn) was number 1.

There will be an event for Seirei Shoukan on 7/12 at Sofmap Akihabara, with Seki Tomokazu, Takahashi Miki, and Nagasawa Miki as guests.

Then they read some letters regarding Machiko's swimsuit. They said there were MANY letters. Don liked it, and said he wanted to continue this corner for a month.

Then they had the editor of Game Walker as a guest.

Then Suzuki Masami came and talked a little about Slayers Royal.

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