Game Walker Net Saturday - 1999.03.06

They said that this radio show will continue in April, with Machiko and Don as the hosts.

The first corner was the game sales ranking by Sofmap Akihabara. The 5th best selling software was Power Stone (Dreamcast), 4th was Devicereign (Playstation), 3rd was Kouyasai (Playstation), 2nd was Monster Farm 2 (Playstation), 1st was Favorite Dear (Playstation).

Machiko does a character in Kouyasai, but she said that she hasn't played it yet. It's a game where each play takes about one hour, so it's an easy game to get into.

Don said he went snowboarding. Machiko said she wants to go too.

Then they read a lot of letters, as there weren't any guests.

There will be a Mighting Machiko sensei drama CD coming out. Machiko did the role of Machiko sensei, a boke and ecchi role.

Machiko said she went to a bar for the first time and drank something called "Cuba River".

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