Game Walker Net - 1999.04.10

The first corner was the game sales ranking by Sofmap. The number 5 software was Get Bass (Dreamcast), 4 was Tokimeki Memorial drama series 3 Tabidachi no Uta (Sega Saturn), 3 was Tokimeki Memorial drama series 3 Tabidachi no Uta (Playstation), 2 was Kagayaku Kisetsu (Playstation), 1 was Saga Frontier 2 (Playstation).

Dance Dance Revolution went on sale and is selling well, but the controller for it is sold out.

Sofmap will start the rental of Dreamcast hardware, 780 yen for one week. It will come with two sample games.

Then they read several comments about their gag drama CD that they released.

The president of Game Arts came and talked a little about the playstation version of Grandia, going on sale in June. The Saturn version sold around 500,000.

The Nadesico game for Dreamcast will go on sale in the summer. The OP will be done by the same studio who did the Nadesico movie.

There will be a Natsuki Rio event in Yamagiwa Soft on 4/24, and Don Maccau will be the emcee.

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