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  • It's On - 2002.07.26

    Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)
    Shintani Sayaka (ë)
    Ohtsuka Mae ()
    Jeweleaf (LaLaLu)
    Natsu ha Uki Uki (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kiddy Grade Sound Layer episode 7
    Kimura Ikue had a problem with her throat, so she couldn't talk during the broadcast. She wrote messages and Kikuko read them.

    The guests were Miyanishi Noa, Shintani Sayaka, and Ohtsuka Mae from the group LaLaLu. At the beginning, they introduced themselves. Noa said that she likes age-wonton. Mae said she likes haunted houses, but she doesn't like to go alone. Sayaka said she likes watermelons.

    Kikuko read some letters, with Ikue and the other LaLaLu girls listening and commenting.

    There was a letter about someone's specialties, so Kikuko asked everyone about their specialties. Noa said she can understand dogs' language. She is also good at fishing yoyos (at Japanese summer festivals). Sayaka said can talk with cats. Mae said she can make buri daikon (cooking a dish with buri and daikon). Kikuko said that her specialty was hitori shiritori (playing shiritori by herself).

    Then they played a song (didn't catch the title).

    Kikuko asked the girls what other work they were doing. Mae said that she was in a stage production, and did a lot of plays. She also appeared in some TV dramas.

    Noa said that her dream was to become an idol seiyuu, and sing in a concert (sitting on a swing). Then Kikuko mentioned that Noa was a finalist in a national bishoujo contest. Noa said that was a long time ago.. (^_^;

    Sayaka's dream is to be an actress, but she loves to sing too.

    Then they played Jeweleaf (from LaLaLu's third album).

    After the song, Kikuko asked the LaLaLu girls about their CD campaign. They said they liked going to various places and eating the food of that region.

    The next corner was Kikuko's corner, and she read many letters. The LaLaLu girls commented on the letters.

    Noa said she stuck her arms in the plastic umbrella bags when it was cold.

    Then they played Natsu ha Uki Uki (from Kikuko's CD Tanoshiikoto).

    Noa said that she had two pet turtles, both named Goro-chan.
    Mae: Why don't you give them different names?
    Noa: Because I can't tell them apart.

    The drama was Kiddy Grade Sound Layer episode 7.

    At the end, Noa said that she wants to come as a guest again.

    Kikuko said that she was 17 years old.

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