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  • Kira Kira Network - 1996.11.09

    Broadcast 2
    Atsui Kimochi (One Step Communication) [El Hazard TV OP 2]
    Zeni no Hana (Natsuki Rio)
    Kira Kira Mini Mini Gekijou 1
    Rio: Good evening. This si the second broadcast. I was very nervous last week and I didn't know what I was talking about. But this time I'll try to do better.

    Rio: Last week, I said that you might be able to listen to this on the Internet. It's already available! So it's not just Fukuoka, but people all over the world can access it.

    Rio: Since my name is Rio. Maybe someone in Rio de Janero is listening. That would make me so happy.

    Rio: Last week, I had so much trouble saying the access number. So everyone was so kind that they put katakana on it for me. http://www.anime-int.com/

    Rio: Also you can send e-mail to kira@anime-int.com.

    Rio: For those who couldn't catch it, it will also be in Ani Raji Grand Prix (on sale 11/25).

    Rio: Last week, I declared that I would become the star of Kyuushuu. Also I promised to play many kinds of games and tell you about it.

    Rio: I like games, but I'm not good at it. Right now I like Virtua Fighter. But I do simulation games like El Hazard and Dai Undoukai. I want to see the movies and such in it, but I can't. I don't know how to get that far. Please help me.

    Then Rio played Atsui Kimochi by One Step Communication, which was the second opening song to El Hazard.

    AIC Hot Scramble

    The El Hazard OAV settei shiryou CD-ROM will go on sale. It contains key dialogue voices, answering machine messages, wakeup messages, and new voice tracks.

    Rio: It was fun recording the new voices. Onii-chan (Jinnai Katsuhiko) was very funny. It also comes with a wall-paper. I thought it was something like a poster..

    The CD-ROM will be for Windows 95, 5800 yen, goes on sale 11/22.

    There will be a Dai Undoukai Sega Saturn reserve campaign. An original poster and CD single will be given away to those who reserve the game.

    Rio self introduction

    Rio introduced herself as the seiyuu who plays the role of Nanami in El Hazard. Nanami was a classmate of the main character Makoto.

    Rio: I really like this role. Also this was the first time that I was really scolded by the director. I think I changed after that. This was a role that taught me a lot.

    Then Rio played Zeni no Hana, by Natsuki Rio. This is an image song for El Hazard (Jinnai Nanami's character).

    Kira Kira Mini Mini Gekijou

    In this corner, Rio did a short drama (4:15). The story was about a girl who was sleeping, and woke up to find a strange young boy who wanted her to sew his shadow back onto him.

    After the drama, Rio said that they would be taking requests from the listeners to come up with a story for the next episode. They will continue with this drama based on the requests from the listeners. (This drama won't take place every week.)

    Digital Information Corner

    Rio mentioned AIC's web page again, and said that there were lots of information, and even Rio's picture there.

    Kajishima Masaki's Photon radio drama will begin next week. Also Photon will be animated soon.

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