Lodoss Tou Senki Kaze to Honoo no Majin

ロードス島戦記 風と炎の魔神

Station Bunka Housou (1134 kHz)
When Friday, 25:00 - 25:30
DJ Ishida Akira (石田彰)
Kuwata Takako

The only broadcast I summarized was the one with Touma Yumi as a guest. (^_^;)

Arai Akino, song writer
Touma Yumi (冬馬由美)
The first half was talk with Arai Akino, and the second half was talk with Touma Yumi.

Parts of the second half were as follows.

Akira: The dog on your vest, is that Yunkers?
Takako: Why are you asking something like that?
Yumi: What is Yunkers?
Akira: I'm sorry. There is a novel written by Kine Naoto called Yunkers Come Here, and Yunkers is a dog that speaks. I thought that the face was similar.

Akira: When is your birthday?
Yumi: December 20th.
Akira: Maybe it's best not to ask any more, like the year.

Akira: Where were you born?
Yumi: Kanto.
Akira: That's very wide.

Akira: What skills do you have, or what are your hobbies?
Yumi: For skills, English 3rd level, and International English C level. It sounds cool.
Akira: Is 3rd level and C level the same?
Yumi: Yes. But 3rd level is mostly writing and such, and C level is listening skill and such.
Akira: Any others?
Yumi: My hobbies are shopping and driving.

Akira: Did you do any adventures when you were little?
Yumi: An adventure? Like going around the Pacific ocean? Ever since I was little I was taking dance lessons. Classic ballet, modern ballet, jazz dance, and Japanese dance. When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina.
Akira: Yes, girls want to be a ballerina or a stewardess. What about you, Taka-chan?
Takako: I was learning it too. (dancing)

Akira: What were your feelings about doing Deedlit in Lodoss?
Yumi: It had been a while. I was happy.
Akira: Was it difficult to get back into your Deedlit character?
Yumi: No. It was natural when I got back into the studio.

There will be a new series (or story?) with Deedlit as the main character.

Akira: A message to the fans..
Yumi: This "Kaze to Honoo no Majin" story will end, but there are more stories coming out, so Lodoss will never end.

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