Ʒ Knight of Midnight 1995.06.09

Yajima Akiko (羽)
Angel Flower (Yajima Akiko)
The guest was Yajima Akiko. She said, "Good evening," in Crayon Shin-chan and Paffy's voices. Then she kept talking for a while in Shin-chan's voice.

Akira: I wonder how you can changes voices like that so much..
Akiko: I wonder. But this is actually a little like the voice I use at home.
Akira, Hitomi: Really!?
Akiko: When I'm drinking juice and then I spill some, I go "Wa!" in Shin-chan's voice.

Akira: When you make a character's voice for example Shin-chan, you look at children and study them. But for Paffy, since you were a young girl before, what do you use?
Akiko: Usually when I do girls' roles, the characteristics are already made up. So when I see some parts of the character that is close to mine, I think about how I would do it.
Akira: So a part of Shin-chan is in you too?
Akiko: No. Shin-chan is someone who I admired (looked up at).
Akira, Hitomi: You look up at him? How?
Akiko: When I was going to nursery school, I was one who always got picked on. I was always crying. But Shin-chan is different. He would never cry. So I'm a little envious at him.

Akira: Since Shin-chan's image is so strong, do you have other roles that you have in your heart?
Akiko: Of course it is because of Shin-chan that I have become this well known and such. But I like all of my roles and characters. So when people say "Shin-chan, Shin-chan", I would like to say, "Please look at my other roles too." I have some cute roles too.

Hitomi: Is Paffy your natural character?
Akiko: If Paffy was, I would be so popular. No, I don't think girls talk like that now.
Hitomi: But this summer, you're going to have to become Paffy.
Akira: Why?
Akiko: We have a Ryuu Knight event all over Japan in August. Hitomi and Yuuki Hiro will be there too.

Akira: Are you going to sing songs at the events?
Akiko: I'm not that great at singing, so I don't know..
Akira: But in the new Ryuu Knight CD, you have a song?
Akiko: I sang as Paffy.

Then they played Angel Flower, by Yajima Akiko.

Whatever best 3

Akira: The question is "What do you want the most right now?"
Akira: Number 3?
Akiko: Time. I wish I had more free time.

Akira: Number 2?
Akiko: Breasts. This is related to number 1. But I think it's better to have some.
Akira: Have you ever run into any problems because you didn't have much?
Akiko: Yes, for simple things.
Akira: For example?
Akiko: I'll say it with the number 1 answer.

Akira: Number 1?
Akiko: Height! I'm only 152 cm.
Akira: That's about normal for girls, isn't it?
Hitomi: Now the average is around 158 cm.
Akiko: Yes, I wanted to be at least 155 cm.. Also along with the number 2 answer, when I go buy clothes, I have to always fix it to make it fit. It's not cheap either.
Akira: Well, I can fit into ladies clothes. For jackets, when I think it looks nice, I guy ladies clothes. So can't you do the same thing and buy children's clothes?
Akiko: For the top, I can. But for the skirt, I can't.


There will be a new Crayon Shin-chan CD. Unlike the previous CDs, this one will have more of the characters, and there will be songs by kindergarten kids, etc.

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