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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1995.12.08

    Sasaki Nozomu (佐々木望)
    Serafu ga Sasayaku Yoru (Sasaki Nozomu)
    Kikuko: I got a lot of oi oi letters this week. In last week's show, I said that I'll say the address for sending the letters later.. but I never got around to it.

    Kikuko: The other day, when I was walking down the street there was a restaurant which had the food samples out on a table. You know I have a habit of touching the samples to see if it is real. One place had a plate of curry rice. But it had a plate of curry rice after it had been completely eaten! Can you believe it? I had no idea why. I was very concerned about it, but I was in a hurry and I couldn't go in to ask the store people.

    The guest this week was Sasaki Nozomu.

    Kikuko: The other day we met at Rayearth. But we usually never meet.

    Kikuko: Is there something that you are very interested in right now?
    Nozomu: I talk about it everywhere. Computers.
    Kikuko: Computers.. Personal computers.
    Nozomu: Do you understand?
    Kikuko: Yes, please ask me anything. I'm lying..

    Kikuko: You're using a small computer? What was it called?
    Nozomu: HP 200 LX.
    Kikuko: I have no idea what that is. But I hear that it can be used as a remote control for a TV.
    Nozomu: Yes. Wow, you knew!
    Kikuko: Since you were coming as a guest, I gathered information from various places. Why can you do that? Did you build it in yourself?
    Nozomu: You make the remote control and computer face each other. Then when you press the channel buttons, the computer will remember which signal is for which channel.
    Kikuko: That seems very easy. Don't you need some strange software?
    Nozomu: Strange software? No you don't need anything.
    Kikuko: Then you can do it for free?
    Nozomu: Yes.
    Kikuko: Wow..

    Then they went to the oneechan to oniichan ni kike corner and read some letters.

    Kikuko: Hisakawa Aya-chan released a book. She drew pictures and it's very cute. Of course there are cute pictures of Aya-chan too. It's called Ohayo Piisuke, and it's a very heart-warming book. I'm good friends with Aya-chan, and she talked about Piisuke from a long time ago. I was very moved by this book.

    letter: Why do people make a peace sign in front of the camera?
    Kikuko: I wonder why?
    Nozomu: Do you?
    Kikuko: When I first started working, I was too embarrassed to make a peace sign. But now it's fun so I can do it.

    Kikuko: Do you?
    Nozomu: When I have my picture taken for work, I don't do it. But I do it all the time in my private pictures. Whenever someone points a camera in my direction, I give a peace sign.
    Kikuko: Really? I didn't think you would.
    Nozomu: I do, but I don't know why.

    The next corner was theater aquarium special, and both Nozomu and Kikuko read the short story.

    Nozomu released a CD called Flare, which has 7 songs and 5 karaoke tracks. Nozomu wrote the lyrics to 5 songs. He will also have a concert tour soon.

    Nozomu said that it was difficult to remember the lyrics that he wrote himself. Kikuko said that it was easier for her to remember the ones she wrote herself.

    Then they played Serafu ga Sasayaku Yoru by Sasaki Nozomu, from his new album. It had some lyrics that said ruri iro.

    Kikuko: This is Sasaki Nozomu's 10th year as a seiyuu, and this is my 8th year. But we've hardly ever met. So I was a little nervous about meeting him, but it was a lot of fun.

    Kikuko: About Hisakawa Aya's book again, I was moved when I read it. It reminded me of three years ago when I first worked with her in Aa Megami-sama. We recorded some songs at Marine studio, and we stayed in the hotel that was next to it. Even at that time, Aya was reading books on how to take care of paddybirds. My bed was next to hers and she was even reading it before going to sleep She had always talked about Piisuke, and I felt how much she loved him.

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