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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1996.03.01

    Sasaki Nozomu (佐々木望)
    Dead or Alive (Sasaki Nozomu)
    Kikuko: It's March already. It's almost girls' day.

    Kikuko: Last week I had a little cold. I didn't think people would notice, but I got a lot of letters. You all have good ears. I'm fine now.

    Kikuko: I received letters from people who are listening outside, or on the roof, or on a bridge, because the reception of the radio isn't that good. I'm very happy. Thank you very much. But since it's still cold, make yourself warm. Please don't catch a cold.

    The guest this week was Sasaki Nozomu.

    Kikuko: The last time you were here was 12/8. We never see each other when we work.
    Nozomu: Yes, we haven't met since that time.
    Kikuko: It's strange.

    Kikuko: Is your computer healthy?
    Nozomu: Yes, I got some more.
    Kikuko: You know I've started using one of these.
    [Kikuko showed Nozomu a little computer.]
    Nozomu: Really!?
    Kikuko: It's an IBM. It's about the size of a telephone card. It's the world's smallest computer. Here is the on, here is the off.
    Nozomu: Wow! You're an expert at it! You can turn it on and off. Do you know the name?
    Kikuko: Chip star?
    Nozomu: Isn't there a card in the name?
    Kikuko: Oh yes, chip card.
    Nozomu: Yeah, you know about the chip card. You're using this?
    Kikuko: No, it's a lie. I'm sorry. I just wanted to trick you.
    Nozomu: I was very surprised.
    Kikuko: Ramsey-san was using it, so I wanted to surprise you.

    [oneechan ni kike corner]

    Kikuko: How did you become a seiyuu? Did you go to school?
    Nozomu: I was working a part-time job, and one of my coworkers wanted to go to an audition. He also asked me to go along, so I went.
    Kikuko: You were at Arts Vision's school?
    Nozomu: Yes.
    Kikuko: I went to Announce Academy. When I went, it was once a week in the evenings for the first six months, and twice a week after that. I was 21 when I started going to school.

    Kikuko: Do you have any advice for those who want to be a seiyuu?
    Nozomu: No. I don't really want to say ganbatte and such.
    Kikuko: Oh, I say that all the time.
    Nozomu: It's easy to say things, but actually there isn't anything I can do for them. They have to do things themselves.

    In the theater aquarium corner, Sasaki Nozomu did the voice of a boy who couldn't confess to the girl he liked. Kikuko did the voice of the girl.

    Sasaki Nozomu will have a live video coming out on 3/21. There will also be a live album on 4/19 (a 2 CD set for 3800 yen). The video has some things edited out, but the album will contain everything.

    There is also a Yuuyuu Hakusho CD Super Dance Mix going on sale 3/21. It is a remix version, and the songs for this CD were chosen by a fan poll. This CD is 2500 yen.

    Then they played Dead or Alive by Urameshi Yuusuke (Sasaki Nozomu).

    Kikuko: It was fun having Sasaki Nozomu as a guest.

    Kikuko: Also today is the day that the Twilight Syndrome game went on sale.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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