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  • のわんちゃって SAY YOU - 1995.02.05

    Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)
    Takano Urara (高乃麗)
    Choki no Kamisama (Inoue Kikuko)
    SM Girls Saber Marionette R episode 5
    They were reading some of the batsu game things that Poririn would have to do because he didn't get his manga out in time. [batsu game is like a punishment game, and this time they had the listeners send in suggestions.] Some of them were: climbing Sunshine 60 by stairs, eating pudding through his nose, making this radio program Kerorin's program, tell his wife about his affairs..

    Mizutani Yuko, very excitedly, was saying that they were all very good. Akahori Satoru was yelling out, "Reject! Reject!"
    Then Inoue Kikuko said, in a very calm voice, "Why don't we make him do all of them."
    Yuko said, "Kikko-chan, with a smile like an angel.."
    Poririn said, "Her appearance might be an angel, but what she says is a devil."
    Yuko said that she wanted listeners to send in more.

    Poririn was saying that this episode was ecchi.

    The drama was Saber Marionette R episode 5.

    Comments about the drama

    After the drama ended, Yuko asked Poririn, "Is that true about the vending machine at night?"
    Poririn said, "It was very difficult. Those machines don't take 1000 yen bills, so we have to take thirteen 100 yen coins."
    Yuko said, "It's that expensive.."
    Poririn said, "There are cheaper ones, but the expensive ones are better. I remember when I came to Tokyo for college, I bought the ura books for the first time. I was very excited." [ura books are the illegal ones.]

    Yuko asked, "Do you still go to the vending machines?"
    "No, I just buy them at the bookstores now."

    Yuko said, "After the CM, it will be Inoue Kikko-chan's nowanchatte question."
    Kikuko said, "Doki, doki."

    Nowanchatte Question

    "I'm very happy!" Poririn said, as they were about the start the questions.

    As Poririn called out, "Nowanchatte question!" Kikuko asked him to stop. Kikuko hadn't decided on the restaurant that she wanted to go to if she cleared all of the questions. She finally decided on the expensive plates of sushi at a kuru kuru sushi shop. [kuru kuru sushi is the store where the sushi went around and you take the plates that you like, also called kaiten sushi.] Poririn said that she can got to the expensive sushi store instead, but Kikuko said that wouldn't be the same. She wanted to eat at a kaiten sushi without thinking about the cost and deciding which plates she can take.
    "You can eat all you want at the kaiten sushi," Poririn said.

    Then they began the questions.

    Q: What color are your panties?
    "Eh!?" Kikuko just started laughing and couldn't answer..

    Q: Do you wear black panties a lot?
    Kikuko was still laughing and couldn't answer.

    Q: What was your most embarassing moment?
    Kikuko was still laughing and couldn't answer.

    Q: Money, strength, looks. Which do you want men to have?
    Kikuko had recovered a bit and said, "Strength."
    Yuko said, "She's crying."

    Q: If you can be born again, what would you like to be?
    Kikuko couldn't answer again.

    Q: When you got home, a guy that you liked was sleeping in your bed. What would you do?
    Kikuko was still laughing, but said, "Oyasuminasai."

    Then the time ran out. Yuko said, "Kikko-chan, you thought about the food so much, but you only answered two of them!"
    Poririn said, "It makes me look like a very bad person.."
    Yuko said, "But she's crying."
    Poririn said, "She's laughing and crying."

    Poririn said, "I've been doing this program for a long time, but Inoue Kikuko's reaction was the funniest."
    Yuko said, "She was laughing the whole time." Yuko said to Kikuko, "Since last week, you said that you wanted to try hard."
    Kikuko said, "Last week I heard the questions for Urara-san, so I was expecting those kind of questions, but different ones."
    Poririn said, "But you didn't expect it to be the same. I guess manbou (sunfish) can't avoid obstacles."

    Poririn said that he had received LOTS and LOTS of postcards from listeners telling him not to pick on Kikuko. Poririn said, "Of course I did get some postcards saying it was great. What I just did is, of course.. just sexual harrassment. But if there are ecchi lines in a drama, if it is something that has meaning, like gags, I think it is all right."
    Kikuko said, "I think so too."
    Yuko said, "What are you saying with such a serious face! What is this ''gag with meaning''?"
    Poririn asked, "What do you feel about sexy roles? You don't do sexy roles that much in animation?"
    Kikuko said, "I don't have many of them. But I do like them."
    Urara said, "Wow."
    Yuko said, "You learn to throw away your shame when doing drama. I've become used to it, but I'm still embarrassed when I do ecchi lines. When there are those panting lines, I'm still nervous."
    Poririn said, "The other day, in Saber, there were these lines and you were pretty nervous."
    Yuko said, "Yes, I pretend like it's no problem."
    Urara said, "I didn't notice."
    Poririn said, "You thought that she was really getting into it."
    Yuko said, "We have to go through this be become a great actress."
    Poririn said, "Yes, an actor/actress has to throw away the shame. A writer has to throw away the shame too."
    Yuko said, "But you threw it away a long time ago."
    Kikuko said, "Instead of throwing it away, he never had any."
    Poririn said, "Oi!"
    Kikuko said, "It's great for people who don't have any. They have so much fun."
    Poririn said, "I feel like I've just been hit over the head with a hammer."


    They played Choki no Kamisama from Inoue Kikuko's second album.

    final comments

    Poririn said, "I'm very tired this week.. I just realized, I'm really a bad one."
    Yuko said, "Yes."
    Poririn said, "Oh, shut up!"

    Takano Urara said that she was going to do a play in March in Ikebukuro.

    Inoue Kikuko said that she didn't have anything special planned, so she said that her younger sister (of course not real sister) Iwao junko (Melissa in Montana Jones) will have a CD coming out this spring, called Hajimemashite.

    Poririn said, "I met Iwao Junko at a drinking place before."

    The guest next week is Hisakawa Aya.

    [Nowanchatte Say You]

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