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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.06.30

    Suzuki Masami (鈴木真仁)
    No Aru Rival ha Tsume wo Kakusu (Kawamura Maria)
    Youkoso Magical School he (Suzuki Masami and Magical Study)
    The Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna OAV 1 will go on sale 9/24, OAV 2 will go on sale 11/24. (LD will come out 10/1 and 12/1.) The cast will have Yokoyama Chisa as Yuna, Touma Yumi as Polylina, and Kouda Mariko as Shiori.

    For the Slayers movie, Naaga's (Kawamura Maria) song the "background OP theme" No Aru Rival ha Tsume wo Kakusu will also go on sale 7/21. It it sells better than Hayashibara Megumi's Midnight Blue, it might be the real OP song.

    Then they played No Aru Rival ha Tsume wo Kakusu.

    The guest this week was Suzuki Masami.

    Masami (in Chacha's voice): I'm Chacha.

    Then she reverted back to her normal, quiet voice. Nobita and Noriko laughed.

    Nobita: So this is your real self?
    Noriko: But she says that she has a lot in common with Chacha.
    Masami: Yes.
    Nobita: What things?
    Masami: I like to sleep too. Also I'm only thinking about the things that are going on at a certain time.

    Nobita: Since this is her first time as a guest, we'll try to find out more about her. It says here that her birthday is 1972.07.14.
    Noriko: Waa.
    Nobita: Why did you want to become a seiyuu?
    Masami: I've always liked "Sekai Meisaku Gekijou" and I liked acting, so I wanted to try being a seiyuu. When I was in junior high, I was on the acting club.
    Nobita: So why did you want to do the voice work?
    Masami: I think it's because I like anime.
    Nobita: What was your favorite anime back then?
    Masami: Fushigi no Shima no Flone.

    Nobita: It says you liked Nausicaa too. Shimamoto Sumi is in Chacha, and you're doing work with her.
    Masami: A lot of the people that I used to watch are in Chacha, so I'm always being surprised.
    Nobita: You used to watch Hidaka-san too?
    Masami: Yes, I watched Touch.

    Nobita: Was Chacha an audition?
    Masami: Yes.
    Nobita: This was your first work, right. Did you think that you would get it?
    Masami: Yes, this is my first role. I didn't think I would get it. But I got a phone call from Mitsuya-san telling me that I got it. Then I yelled, "Eh!" into the phone.

    Noriko: I haven't seen many people who dance in front of the mike.
    Nobita: She dances in front of the mike?
    Noriko: When she makes a mistake, she says, "I'm sorry," and does a turn in front of the mike. She's very fast.
    Nobita: Maybe it's because she came from stage plays that she likes to move.
    Masami: I'm doing it unconsciously.
    Noriko: Since Chacha is a gag anime, it's not so bad. I hope you aren't doing it in H2.
    Masami: No.
    Noriko: She's a strange seiyuu who dances.

    Nobita: What do you remember the most about Chacha?
    Masami: I'm very happy that I was able to do Chacha. Well there are still OVAs and such.
    Noriko: We had to turn normal lines into chorus lines. Some of it was very difficult. Usually there are sound effects and such, but we did a lot of these sound effects with our voices.

    Then they played Youkoso Magic School he by Suzuki Masami and Magical Study.

    Nobita: It says that one of your skills is doing a headstand?
    Masami: Yes, we had to do it for our play, so I practiced.

    The second Akazukin Chacha LD box is coming out. The video extra has Masami, Noriko, and Shimamoto Sumi in a talk session.

    Nobita: You do a lot of stage plays?
    Noriko: During Chacha, we were saying that we wanted to go on an onsen trip. But she's always busy with her plays.
    Nobita: It says that you are losing weight because of the plays.
    Masami: Yes, it's not that I don't eat. Maybe it's because I move a lot.

    Nobita: Your future schedule?
    Masami: I'm in H2 and Slayers. Also I'll be in this summer's musical Chacha as Orin-chan, along with Namiki Noriko.

    Nobita: What would you like to do in the future?
    Masami: I would like to do both stage plays and voice work.

    Masami will have her first live on 7/24.

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