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  • アニメスクランブル - 1995.09.08

    Yokoyama Chisa (横山智佐)
    Akitaka Mika (明貴美加)
    Ren'ai Shijoushugi (Mizutani Yuko)
    Tsukikage ni Oyasumi (Yokoyama Chisa)
    Bakuretsu Hunter will start on TV in October. Also in the Bakuretsu Hunter drama CD that will go on sale 9/21, there will be a new song by Mizutani Yuko.

    Then they played Ren'ai Shijoushugi by Mizutani Yuko. [It's a very "adult" (mature) feeling song.]

    The guest this week was Yokoyama Chisa. It had been three years (Christmas 1992) since she had come as a guest.

    Nobita asked why Chisa got into this field, and Chisa said, "To meet Lupin. I was very moved by Lupin." Chisa likes those kind of people who are a little dangerous, like Saeba Ryo.

    Nobita: Did you always want to do this kind of acting work?
    Chisa: My dream when I was in kindergarten was to be a singer or a gymnast. When I was in grade school, it was to be a comedian. Then in junior high, I wanted to be a student in Kinpachi-sensei's class. Next I wanted to meet Lupin.
    [Kinpachi-sensei was a teenage TV drama.]

    Nobita: What was your first job?
    Chisa: I got accepted for Robot Carnival. But it got delayed, so I did Black Magic. That was my first work.

    Nobita: How was it when you first heard your voice?
    Chisa: I felt like my voice stood out. It was very different from the others. Everyone was like the character, but mine wasn't.
    Noriko: Everyone says that. It was the same with me.
    Chisa: I didn't want to see my own anime for about three years. But since I was a little unsure if I didn't watch it, I did. Then I eventually got used to it. Now I think, "Oh, that's my voice." I always thought my voice was cuter, but now I'll accept this.

    Nobita: Well, the voice is that way.. but how about this jacket for the Yuna CD single. This is cosplay.
    Chisa: Oh, you saw it! I didn't think it would get this big. I'm not one that hates this.. so I just wanted to do it as an advertising gimmick. But it became this big.
    Noriko: It's not just the jacket, it's in every magazine!
    Nobita: But it looks very cool.
    Noriko: The costume is very good.
    Chisa: I didn't think it can be done so well. First we gave the illustration to the costume maker, and they said that it was hard to make it from that. Then we gave them a figure (model) of Yuna. Then after they made it there was a lot of minor adjustments made.
    Noriko: This is custom made for you, so it won't fit anyone else?
    Chisa: Probably not.. at the breasts.

    Nobita: Akitaka Mika-sensei is here with us too. Was this costume very difficult?
    Mika: They told us that they couldn't do it. There was a big figure (around 50 cm) so we brought that to them and eventually they made it.
    Noriko: This is all leather.
    Nobita: Wow. Are you going to be able to wear it in front of everyone?
    Chisa: In August there was an event and I already wore it.
    Noriko: I heard that you brought your own costume for one of the Tenchi events.
    Chisa: One of my relatives made it for me..
    Nobita: Obviously, you don't hate it..

    Then they played Tsukikage ni Oyasumi by Yokoyama Chisa, which was the coupling song with Funny Funny Little Girl. [This was a ballad. Very nice!]

    Nobita: The Yuna video goes on sale soon. But you've been doing Yuna for a long time.
    Chisa: Yes. I started doing it about two years ago.
    Mika: Four years.
    Chisa: Really!? That long ago?

    Noriko: It started out as a game.
    Chisa: Yes. Now there are a lot of games with a lot of girls. But back then there weren't any, so it was very difficult. The script was as thick as a telephone book too. It was a first for us, but it really turned out well.
    Noriko: Four years ago, you probably didn't think you would do cosplay.
    Chisa: Hahaha!

    Nobita: Did you see the finished anime?
    Chisa: Not yet. But during the after recording the pictures were already there, so I'm wondering about the music and such.

    Nobita: You've been doing Yuna so long, it's grown as a part of you..
    Chisa: Yes, but she has changed a little. In the game, Yuna was very very calm and foolish girl. I talked very slowly. But now I talk faster, and there is a new boke character Yuuri, who is in the role of the boke character. Yuna is still not free of boke, but she does talk faster.

    Nobita: Is there any part of Yuna that you would like people to pay attention to?
    Chisa: In the battle scene Yuna makes a taikiken medamayaki That scene was very difficult.

    [Anime Scramble]

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