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  • アニメスクランブル - 1996.01.19

    Tanaka Mayumi (田中真弓)
    Koi no Sousamou (Virgo)
    Egao Wasurenai (Asou Kaori)
    Genki de Heiki de Noutenki (Tanaka Mayumi)
    There will be a new bishoujo anime coming out by Toho this year. Ojousama Sousamou will have five pretty girls who form a club to solve mysteries. The five girls will be done by Niiyama Shiho, Nagashima Yuko, Tange Sakura, Kasahara Rumi, and Yanase Natsumi, who will form a new group called Virgo. Then they played Koi no Sousamou by Virgo.

    Then they played Egao Wasurenai by Asou Kaori, the new ED song to Nurse Angel Ririka SOS.

    The guest this week was Tanaka Mayumi. Mayumi has done many, many various roles and CM voices in her career. Many of them are boy's roles too.

    Nobita: Did you always want to be a seiyuu?
    Mayumi: No, I didn't know about it. I had watched anime, but I never paid attention to the voices and such. I've always wanted to be an actress (plays and such). Then I joined a performance group, which had a lot of seiyuu.

    Nobita: One of your major roles recently was Lucky-man.
    Mayumi: Yes, Lucky-man is very close to my personality. He doesn't have much skill, but he's very lucky. It was a very fun anime to do.
    Nobita: It was very popular. It reached 15% in the ratings. The video will be coming out soon, with each video containing four episodes.

    Nobita: Right now you're doing Mojakou. It must have been hard to imagine the voice for it with just looking at the picture of the character.
    Mayumi: I showed my son the picture and we tried a few voices at home. Then the one he said was the one I tried at the audition. It's one of the few auditions that were successful recently.
    Nobita: There will be a Mojakou vocal CD coming out soon.
    Mayumi: Yes, everyone will be singing in their character voices. Orikasa Ai, Nakamura Daiki, Iwao Junko..

    Then they played Genki de Heiki de Noutenki by Tanaka Mayumi.

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