YUMI YUME CLUB - 1995.06.22

Kasahara Rumi
Kono Yoru no Tokimeki (Touma Yumi)
Saisho no Ippo (Kasahara Rumi)
Wedding Dress ni Akai Bara story 3, episode 1
After reading several letters, Yumi played the song, Kono Yoru no Tokimeki by Touma Yumi. It is a nice song, but she has played this song every week..

The radio drama was Wedding Dress ni Akai Bara story 3, episode 1. This was a new story.

The guest was Kasahara Rumi. Rumi said that she had been groped by a chikan (pervert) on the way that day.
Rumi: There was a small opening next to me on the train. A guy with a large sports bag sat down next to me. There were other seats open on the same train. He put his bag on his lap and started to sleep. But then he put his right hand on top of the bag, and stuck his left hand underneath the bag, and started touching my thighs.
Yumi: So you were sitting on his right side.
Rumi: Yes.
Yumi: He put his right hand on top of the bag, and used his left hand.
Rumi: Yes.
Yumi: So he wanted to touch your thighs..
Rumi: Yes, these fat thighs..
Yumi: So there is a radio program where you can hear all about these incidents.
Rumi: Yes, yes. Why did I come here.. The next song is..
Yumi: Hey, I led you to the radio program. Why don't you announce it.
Rumi: Oh yeah.. I'm doing a radio program on Saturday nights at 2 AM, called Dengeki Daisakusen. I'm doing it with Tanaka Mayumi. You can hear all about these chikan incidents and more.

Then they played the song Saisho no Ippo by Kasahara Rumi.

Yumi: I will be doing an event on 7/25 at Sanrio Puroland. The ticket is on sale now. Please make two copies of the ticket. Send one of them to me and bring the other one to the event. We are planning a special present for listeners.

Yumi: The Wedding Dress ni Akai Bara Drama CD 1 went on sale 6/10. Drama CD 2 will go on sale 6/25.

Yumi: 30 minutes goes by so fast. I want to talk more.. Bye bye.

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