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Sasaki Mikoi CDs

Some of the CDs that Mikoi has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Mikoi has not released any solo CDs.

Miscellaneous CDs

Mikoi appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2010.12.22Milky Show Time (LACA-15083)Song
2011.04.06Colourful Garden (LACA-15110)Song
2011.08.24To-gather (LACA-15139)Song
2012.05.09Bloooom! (LACA-15197)Song
2012.11.30D.C.III Drama CD Collection vol.3 (CIRCUS-0320)Talk
2012.12.28D.C.III Drama CD Collection vol.4 (CIRCUS-0321)Song/Talk
2013.03.06Card Fight Vanguard Best Album (LACA-15275)Song {Milky Holmes}
2013.04.24D.C.III -Da Capo III- Original Sound Tracks and Image Songs (LACA-9285)Song
2017.06.07Japari Cafe (VICL-64787)Song/Talk

CD Singles

Mikoi appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2010.06.23Ameagari no Mirai (LACM-4724)Song
2010.10.27Seikai ha Hitotsu! Janai! (LACM-4754)Song
2011.09.10Futari ha Tomodachi (LZM-2047)Song
2012.01.25Nazo Nazo Happiness (LACM-4895)Song
2012.02.22Nakimushi Treasures (LACM-4909)Song
2012.08.29Prologue ha Ashitairo (LACM-4985)song
2012.10.24Kimi no Naka no Watashi (LACM-14014)Song
2013.05.24Yume Yume Express (PCCG-90101)Song
2013.09.04Glory Growing Days (PCCG-90104)Song
2014.04.30Bouken Milkyroad! (PCCG-90123)Song
2014.11.26Overdrive! (PCCG-90134)Song
2017.02.08Youkoso Japari Park he (VIZL-1108)Song/Talk
2018.11.21Don't Be Afraid [CD+BD] (BRMM-10136)Song

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