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Shinoda Minami events

Some of the events that Minami has appeared in are as follows.

2017.10.21[10:00-18:00] Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai 2017 main stage
2017.11.19[13:30/17:00] Special Yukemuri Festa in Sendai
2017.12.10[12:30/15:30] Yukemuri Festa Vol.8 @Shinbashi
2017.12.24[14:30/18:30] Springs 2nd Live "Now On Sensation! Vol.2"
2018.01.14[12:30/16:00] Yukemuri Festa Vol.9
2019.02.16[16:00] Tenka Hyakken -Zan- Character Song Album event in Gamers
2019.04.20[17:30] Tenka Hyakken -Zan- 2 Shuunen Kinen Event
2019.12.22[14:00/17:30] Onsen Musume SPRiNGS 3rd Live
2019.12.28[14:30] Samonji Character Song CD event at Comic Market
2020.01.18[13:45/17:30] Tenka Hyakken Zan Ongakusai