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Shinoda Minami Internet broadcasts

Some of the internet that Minami has appeared in are as follows.

2017.03.23Anime Pia Channel 108 [live]guest
2017.05.18Fantasia Bunko Housoukyoku 38 [live]host
2017.07.23Onsen Musume Hatsu Niconama [live]host
2017.10.21Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai 2017 [live]emcee
2017.11.04Onsen Musume Wacchoina Special [live]video
2019.04.25Famitsu Gamers DX 67guest
2019.11.27Anyuta Party Party Party 17guest
2020.03.01Akanmon ha Akan Kinkyuu Niconamaguest
2020.03.20Takada Yuuki Birthday Niconico Namahousou -Mada Mada Fresh desu-guest
2020.09.23Oshiete! Maiko-sensei 8guest
2020.12.06Maiko-sensei no Shuumatsu Game Jikkyou 5guest
2021.01.16Oshiete! Maiko-sensei 1st Anniversary Event and Live Dai 1 Buguest
2021.01.22Torotoro Oukoku 11guest
2021.04.04Fan Fam Fun 1buguest
2021.04.04Fan Fam Fun 2buguest