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Suzaki Aya events

Some of the events that Aya has appeared in are as follows.

2013.05.04[18:00] Tamako Market Mochi Mochi Talk and Live
2015.08.15[14:00] Seaside Summer Festival 2015
2015.08.15[18:00] Seaside Summer Festival 2015
2015.11.07[14:00] Waseda Matsuri 2015 talk show 15goukan 301
2016.10.16Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 4th Live TriCastle Story Saitama
2017.04.09[17:00] Suzaki Aya no 7.6 Special Event
2017.08.12[] Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 5th Live Serendipity Parade Saitama Super Arena (day 1)
2017.10.01[13:00/15:30] DVD "Suzaki Aya no 7.6" Vol.1 talk show
2017.12.09[14:30] Seaside Live Fes 2017 ZenNichisai
2017.12.10[16:00] Seaside Live Fes 2017 -Rainbow-
2018.01.07[] Battle Girl Fes at Saitama Bunka Center
2018.03.11[14:00] Suzaki Aya no 7.6 Special Event 2
2018.04.21[14:00/17:30] Voice Garage Theater Vol.1 -Roudokugeki-
2018.04.22[14:00/17:30] Voice Garage Theater Vol.1 -Roudokugeki-
2018.09.02[13:30/16:00] Suzaki Aya no 7.6 DVD vol.2 talk show
2018.11.11[] Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 6th Live MetLife Dome (day 2)
2018.12.22[14:00/17:30] Voice Garage Xmas Party! -Side Girls-
2019.02.02[18:00] Himote House Talk Show Vol.3
2019.06.02[18:30] Himote House Event at Nakano Sun Plaza
2019.09.14[13:00/15:30] Suzaki Aya no 7.6 DVD Vol.4 event
2019.11.09[] The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 7th Live Tour Funky Dancing
2020.01.12[13:30/17:00] Voice Garage New Year Party! -Side Girls-
2020.02.15[] The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 7th Live Tour Glowing Rock