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Tachibana Rika books and magazines

Some of the books and magazines that Rika has appeared in are as follows.

2015.10.20From Gamers vol.218Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 3, COLOR {1 P}
2016.03.15EX Taishuu 2016 Aprilseiyuu article, COLOR {1/3 P}
2016.04.20From Gamers vol.224Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 9, COLOR {1 P}
2016.10.20From Gamers vol.230Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 15, COLOR {1 P}
2017.05.20From Gamers vol.237Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 22, COLOR {1 P}
2018.02.20From Gamers vol.246CD interview, COLOR {1 P}