Countdown TV (1994.06.25)

Program Countdown TV
Date 1994.06.25
Time 24:55 - 25:25
Highlights Inoue Kikuko (׻)

Countdown TV is a program that counts down the top selling singles for the week. They usually count down 40, but this week it was a special and they counted down (and up) the top 100. They played the number 40 to number 100 songs for about 2 to 3 seconds each. (very short..)

The anime related songs were as follows.

position song
47 a Yuuyuu Hakusho song by Ogata Megumi [Kurama]
54 Okaerinasai by Inoue Kikuko
image song for Montana Jones
they showed clips of Inoue Kikuko!
57 a Yuuyuu Hakusho song by Hiyama Nobuyuki [Hiei]
86 Moment by Kouda Mariko
insert song for Marmalade Boy
89 a Yuuyuu Hakusho song by Sasaki Nozomu [Urameshi Yuusuke]
92 a Yuuyuu Hakusho song by Yokoyama Chisa
9 Taiyo ga Mata Kagayaku Toki by Hiro Takahashi
ending song for Yuuyuu Hakusho
1 (for the second week in a row)
Sekai ga Owaru Madeha by Wands
ending song to Slam Dunk

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