Tonight 2 (1994.11.02)

Program Tonight 2
Date 1994.11.02
Time 24:10 - 24:40 (?)
Highlights Ogata Megumi ()
Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ)
Shiina Hekiru (̾ؤ)
Hayashibara Megumi (Ӹᤰ)
Ogata Megumi ()

Tonight 2 is a variety news program that runs daily late at night. On 1994.11.02, they had a special feature on female voice actresses. They had some other stuff, and the total time for the seiyuu feature was around 15 minutes.

They started by showing a film of a street-side interview. They put pictures of female seiyuu on a board and asked the people on the street to identify them. Of course most of them couldn't! But one guy recognized Hayashibara Megumi.
[I wish they would have asked me.. ^_^;]

Yokoyama Chisa

They showed the following.
  • Some clips of her concert at a university.
    (Some people that I knew were in the crowd shots. If I had gone, I might have been on TV.. ^_^;;)
  • A short clip from her video.
  • An interview while she was signing lots of signature boards.
  • Some scenes of Ruly (Iron Leaguer).

Kouda Mariko and Shiina Hekiru

They showed the following.
  • Some clips of them recording a CD.
  • Some scenes of Momo (Tama)
  • Some scenes of Okinu-chan (GS Mikami)
  • An interview with Shiina Hekiru
    A seiyuu doesn't have to be cute, and doesn't have to go in front of people. So I feel, "What am I doing now? Can I be doing this?"
  • An interview with Kouda Mariko
    A seiyuu is an actor, so they can sing. It's just part of being a seiyuu, so I think it is ok.

Hayashibara Megumi

They showed the following.
  • Megumi's 5 CDs
  • Megumi's 3 radio programs
  • Some scenes of Ranma-chan
  • An interview with Hayashibara Megumi
    I do have some resistance to going out in front of people. But if the recognition of anime fans can rise, it's ok.
  • Some clips from Megumi's video

Ogata Megumi

They showed the following.
  • Some scenes of Sailor Uranus
  • Ogata Megumi's picture book, that will be coming out later.
  • An interview with Ogata Megumi
    I want to do roles like a little rock, etc that only seiyuu can do.
[CM break]

seiyuu school

Yoyogi Animation Gakuin has a school for seiyuu. 5 years ago there were 100 students, but now there are 500.

Voice Animage

Animage is going to put out a special magazine about seiyuu, Voice Animage.

other miscellaneous stuff

It takes about 10 years to become established as a seiyuu. Right now there are lots of people want to be seiyuu, more than the number of seiyuu required. So it's a very tough world.

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