Digi Yatai - 2002.07.28

Program Digi Yatai (デジ屋台)
Date 2002.07.28
Time 25:10 - 25:40
Appearances Miyanishi Noa (宮西乃愛)

The digimo (digital model) for this broadcast was Takada Chisato.

[skipping most of the broadcast.. (^_^;]

At the end of the broadcast, there was a curry udon eating contest by the four digimo (assistant girls) for July. Miyanishi Noa, Hattori Yumie, Asazu Nana, and Takada Chisato participated in this contest.

Each girl was wearing a white apron (and bib), and the bowl of curry udon was placed on the table with white table cloth. The girls would be awarded 100 points for eating the whole bowl, or 50 points for half the bowl. But they would be deducted 10 point for each drop of curry that they drop on the table or their apron.

The contest began, and the girls ate the udon for one minute. At the end, Asazu Nana and Takada Chisato had eaten half the bowl without dropping anything, so they got 50 points. Hattori Yumie ate the whole bowl, but she got deducted 30 points for dropping some curry on the table. Miyanishi Noa ate the curry very slowly (compared to the other girls), and finished half the bowl. But she splattered the curry all over the table, her apron, and even her face. (^_^; So she ended up with -90 points! (140 points deducted for 14 droppings.)

The loser of this contest had to play a "batsu game" (punishment), eating some durian fruit. They brought out a durian fruit in front of Noa, and Noa had to eat it. Noa took a little taste of the durian, and made a very ugly face, saying that it tasted awful. All of the other girls commented on how bad the durian smelled.

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