Ashita Fuku Kaze

Program Ashita Fuku Kaze (᤯)
Date 2002.09.06
Time 20:00 - 22:00
Channel BS-i channel 161
Appearances Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)

[contains only information about Miyanishi Noa]

There is a scene in an art gallery where a young office worker is sitting at a desk. This girl is played by Miyanishi Noa. She is writing in a notebook.

Then a woman comes into the gallery, and Noa greets her. The woman opens the door to the back room (office), and she is surprised, and runs away. Then a guy (hurrying to put on his pants) comes out and runs after his wife.

Then the boss (a woman who is straightening her clothes) comes out of the office, and sits on the desk. She looks at the notebook, and then starts hitting Noa on the head with her fan.

[this scene was just a little over 1 minute]

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