TV Champion - 2007.05.10

Program TV Champion
Gaikokujin Akiba Ou Senshuken
Date 2007.05.10
Seiyuu Jenya
Nozawa Masako ()
Shimizu Ai (尦)

On the May 10, 2007 broadcast of TV Champion, the theme was "Gaikokujin Akiba Ou Senshuken" (Foreigner King of Akihabara).

The subtitle that they printed on the screen asked, "Who is the number one foreign otaku!?"

They had five contestants.

  • Jenya (Russia)
  • Sebastien Jarry (France)
  • Jonathan Underwood (USA)
  • Chang Gafai (Hong Kong)
  • Carlton Ardith (USA)

The first stage was anison intro quiz. This wasn't that hard. Sebastien lost out on the first stage..

The second stage was an akiba tour. They had various questions about Akihabara. These questions were pretty difficult. Jenya and Chang went on to the final stage.

The final stage was famous "Akiba related people" quiz.

Nozawa Masako came as a guest. There was also a message by Shimizu Ai.

The first one to answer 4 questions was the winner.

Chang answered the first one.

Jenya answered the next three.

Chang answered the next two.

Then, Chang answered the final question to win the contest.

These final questions were beyond difficult.. I don't know how Jenya answered those. Even the ones that Chang got, it looked like Jenya knew the answer but she wasn't quick enough. The only question that I knew was the one that Jenya got wrong.. but I probably wouldn't have known it when the TV episode was recorded (couple months ago?).

Both Chang and Jenya want to become seiyuu.

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