AniGe- Eleven 113

Program AniGe Eleven (アニゲー☆イレブン) 113
Date 2017.12.07
Host Kubo Yurika (久保ユリカ)
Guests Uehara Akari
Video Tokui Sora (徳井青空)

The guest for AniGe Eleven broadcast 113 was Uehara Akari. Akari said she likes zombies Akari began to like zombies because she liked the game Bio Hazard. Yurika said she hates zombies.

Akari does a role in the RPG game Venus Rumble. She also does a role in the TV anime Ousama Game The Animation.

There was a video report on Tokui Sora's mini 4 car.

Sora ran the colorful car she made on the course. But it ran off the course in less than 5 seconds. So Sora changes some parts of her car.

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