AniGe- Eleven 127

Program AniGe Eleven (失瓦必□↗奶伊皮件) 127
Date 2018.03.22
Host Kubo Yurika (菁忡交伉市)
Guests Kondou Reina
Mineuchi Tomomi
Itou Ayasa (匐ゞ睽獄)
Video Ichimichi Mao
Yoshimura Haruka (笨翹反月井)
Suzaki Aya (膚粽偷)

The guests for AniGe Eleven broadcast 127 were Kondou Reina, Mineuchi Tomomi, and Itou Ayasa from the TV anime Slow Start.

In the first half, they talked about themselves.

In the second half, they talked about Slow Start. They had never worked together until Slow Start, and they were nervous when they first met each other, but now they are very close friends.

In the video report corner, there was a video of Mao talking with the producer of Princess Connect Re:Dive.

There was also a report on Yoshimura Haruka and Suzaki Aya, for the special TV show where they walk around in Kanazawa.

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