AniGe- Eleven 73

Program AniGe Eleven (˥֥) 73
Date 2017.03.02
Host Kubo Yurika (ݥꥫ)
Guests Takada Yuuki (ͫ)
Kishida Mel (illustrator)
Video Komagata Yuri (ͧ)
Wakai Yuuki
Kubota Miyu (̴̤)
Akaneya Himika
Yamakita Saki
Serizawa Yuu (߷ͥ)
Shibuya Azuki

The guests for AniGe Eleven broadcast 73 were Takada Yuuki and Kishida Mel.

Yuuki did her famous self introduction for Yurika.

Yuuki said that in her first recording for a game, she had to do the role of a "tsundere" girl. She did the "tsun tsun" part fine, but she had trouble with the "dere dere" parts. So they gave her some anime titles, and told her to watch them to learn how to do the "dere dere" roles.

Mel talked about the game Blue Reflection. There were 15 high school girls in the game, and the main character is done by Takada Yuuki.

Overall, Mel talked more than Yuuki.

At the end, Yurika drew a picture of Yuuki and Mel. She asked Mel to draw a picture of her (a very cute picture), and Mel drew one.

In the video report corner, there was a message by Komagata Yuri, who released her first single.

There was also a message by the group i*Ris, for the Puri Para movie.

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