AniGe- Eleven 77

Program AniGe Eleven (アニゲー☆イレブン) 77
Date 2017.03.30
Host Kubo Yurika (久保ユリカ)
Guests Fujita Akane (藤田茜)
Video Ogura Yui (小倉唯)

The guest for AniGe Eleven broadcast 77 was Fujita Akane.

Akane came out with a mask (Eromanga-sensei's mask) over her face.

Akane was going the voice of the main character Izumi Sagiri in the TV anime Eromanga-sensei.

Akane said she likes to stay home and watch TV, or play on the net, or sleep. Yurika also said she likes to stay home and sleep.

Then they talked a lot about the anime Eromanga-sensei.

There was a video report of the Cygames office by Ogura Yui. It was continued from the March 16 broadcast (75).

They talked about the smartphone card battle game Shadowverse, and Yui did the voice of Luna and said, "Ja oniichan no koto korosune."

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