AniGe- Eleven 80

Program AniGe Eleven (アニゲー☆イレブン) 80
Date 2017.04.20
Host Kubo Yurika (久保ユリカ)
Guests Makino Yui
Video Kurose Yuuko (黒瀬ゆうこ)
Fujita Akane (藤田茜)
Kaho Narumi
Ayase Yuu
Nagae Rika
Yamazaki Erii (山崎エリイ)
Takahashi Minami

The guest for AniGe Eleven broadcast 80 was Makino Yui.

They talked about the TV anime Sakurada Reset.

Yui sings the opening song, "Reset".

There were some video reports on some of the BS11 booth events at Anime Japan.

The High School Fleet event featured Kurose Yuuko and Fujita Akane.

The Frame Arms Girl event featured Kaho Narumi, Ayase Yuu, Nagae Rika, and Yamazaki Erii. Yurika was the emcee.

The Eromanga-sensei event featured Fujita Akane and Takahashi Minami, with Yurika as the emcee. Akane changed into her Eromanga-sensei outfit (blue jacket) on stage.

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