AniGe- Eleven 85

Program AniGe Eleven (アニゲー☆イレブン) 85
Date 2017.05.25
Host Kubo Yurika (久保ユリカ)
Guests Ohno Yuuko (大野柚布子)
Video Fujita Akane (藤田茜)
Ohtsuka Akio (大塚明夫)
Ohno Yuuko (大野柚布子)
Kuwahara Yuuki (桑原由気)
Takai Maika

The guest for AniGe Eleven broadcast 85 was Ohno Yuuko.

Yuuko was doing a voice in the smartphone game Tenka Haykken. Then the producer of the game joined to talk about the game. After some talk about the game and the characters, Yurika played a little bit of the game.

In the video report corner, there was a video report on the Machi Asobi 18 event, that took place during Golden Week in Tokushima.

There were short clips of Fujita Akane, Ohno Yuuko, Kuwahara Yuuki, Takai Maika, and Ohtsuka Akio.

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