AniGe- Eleven 96

Program AniGe Eleven (失瓦必□↗奶伊皮件) 96
Date 2017.08.10
Host Kubo Yurika (菁忡交伉市)
Guests Pile
Video Natsukawa Shiina (笙燠饒窪)

The guest for AniGe Eleven broadcast 96 was Pile.

They said that it has been over one year since they met each other.

Pile likes to cook. She said she tried to make icing cookies for Mimori Suzuko's birthday, to go along with the cake she got for her.

Pile will release her 6th solo single on 8/16. "Kizuna Hero" is the theme song to the smartphone game "The Magic Nightmare". Then Pile took out a smartphone, and Yurika tried to play a little bit of the game.

Pile will have a live in the Budoukan in December.

In the video reports corner, there was a video of Natsukawa Shiina going to visit the mayor of Yokosuka, as the anime High School Fleet takes place in Yokosuka. Shiina even got to eat the harukaze curry. Then Shiina visited the Japanese sweets store Sakakura Souhonke, which had a special floor dedicated to High School Fleet.

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