Machine Doll ha Kizutsukanai Special

Program Machine Doll ha Kizutsukanai Special
Air Date 2013.09.30
Seiyuu Shimono Hiro
Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
Kayano Ai (茅野愛衣)
Ogura Yui (小倉唯)

One week before the start of the new TV anime Machine Doll ha Kizutsukanai (機巧少女は傷つかない), there was a 30 minute special featuring some of the seiyuu.

The show started with Shimono Hiro and Harada Hitomi going into a classroom in a school. They introduced the story and the characters of the anime.

Next they went to a different room which had a model car race track laid out on the floor. Kayano Ai and Ogura Yui joined Hiro and Hitomi.

They had a remote control car driving contest (M1 Grand Prix). They had to finish one lap of the race track in the shortest time, but they also got penalized if they knocked down the characters that were placed on the track.

Hitomi won the contest.

At the end they all went back to the classroom with the tables, and gave their final messages.