Charlotte special

Program Charlotte Special
Air Date 2015.06.27
Channel Tokyo MX
Seiyuu Uchiyama Kouki
Sakura Ayane (佐倉綾音)
Uchida Maaya (内田真礼)

One week before the start of Charlotte, there was a 30 minute special featuring the staff and some seiyuu.

There are interviews of the staff and seiyuu. The seiyuu interviewed are Uchiyama Kouki and Sakura Ayane. Kouki does the voice of the main character Otosaka Yuu, and Ayane does the voice of Tomori Nao.

There is also a little bit of Uchida Maaya. Maaya does the role of one of the major characters, and also sings a character song. There aren't any good views of Maaya, but there are some clips of Maaya in the recording studio.