Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama Sisters - 2017.10.12

Program Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama Sisters
Air Date 2017.10.12
Seiyuu Terakawa Aimi ()
Ozaki Yuka (ͳ)
Ohtsuka Sae (ͼӱ)
Kudou Haruka (ƣ)
Guests Endou Yurika (ƣ꤫)
Akesaka Satomi ()

This was the 15th broadcast of Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama Sisters.

The cafe guests were Endou Yurika and Akesaka Satomi, from the group Roselia. This was the second week they were guests.

Yurika and Satomi played a teamwork game. They would get to eat some sweets if they got at least 3 out of 5 question correct. Yurika and Satomi got 3 correct, so they got some roll cake.

At the end, there was another skit by Aimi and Yuka.

In the middle of the broadcast, there was a talk by Aimi and Mr. Nakamura, who was the writer of the Bang Dream novel. He also writes the lyrics of the Poppin Party songs.

There was also a video by Itou Ayasa. She went to the Capcom Bar, where they were having another Megami Megumi collaboration.

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