Slow Start Hajimari no Junbi

Program Slow Start "Hajimari no Junbi"
Air Date 2017.12.30
Seiyuu Kondou Reina
Itou Ayasa (ƣ̺)
Mineuchi Tomomi
Naganawa Maria

On December 30, 2017, one week before the start of the anime, there was a special for the TV anime Slow Start. The seiyuu who appeared were Kondou Reina, Itou Ayasa, Mineuchi Tomomi, and Naganawa Maria.

The seiyuu were given colorful overalls to wear, and they were split up into two teams to do location activities. Ayasa and Tomomi had to do rock climbing. Reina and Maria had to do a bungee jump.

Ayasa had an injured leg (or foot) and she was walking with a crutch. So Tomomi had to do the climb of a 10 meter high bare rock hill. Ayasa just had to stay at the bottom of the hill and take a video of Tomomi.

For the bungee jump, Reina and Maria did a janken to determine who would jump. Reina lost, so she had to jump. Maria had to ride a kayak in the river below, and take a video of Reina.

At the end, they showed a promo video of the song "Ne! Ne! Ne!" which was the opening song for the anime. The video featured the four seiyuu, and the CD goes on sale 1/24.