Kemono Friends 2 episode 0

Program Kemono Friends 2 episode 0
Air Date 2019.01.07
Seiyuu Ozaki Yuka (ͳ)
Nemoto Ruka (ή)
Sasaki Mikoi (̤)
Ono Saki (ᵩ)
Chikuta Ikuko
Tamura Kyouka
Ishikawa Yui
Koike Riko
narration Uchida Aya

On January 7, 2019, one week before the start of the anime, there was a special for the TV anime Kemono Friends 2.

The main seiyuu featured was Ozaki Yuka, with narration by Uchida Aya. But there were videos of some of the other Kemono Friends seiyuu, Nemoto Ruka, Sasaki Mikoi, Ono Saki, Chikuta Ikuko, Tamura Kyouka, Ishikawa Yui, Koike Riko.

The first 5 minutes was a video of Yuka at Hamura Zoo. She walked around and saw various animals. Then Yuka got to the cage with a serval cat.

The rest was a video of Yuka, made up of interviews and video clips. They talked about when Yuka lost her voice. Some of the other members of the Kemono Friends cast also appeared in the video clips.

There were videos of Yuka acting as Serval in the stage play. There were also videos of the after recording of episode 1, and the Kemono Friends 2 event.

Then they showed a short clip of Kemono Friends 2 episode 1.