Animemashite - 2014.09.15

Program Animemashite (アニメマシテ)
Date 2014.09.15
Hosts Tokui Sora (徳井青空)
Nitta Emi (新田恵海)
Narration Minase Inori (水瀬いのり)
Guest Nakazawa Masatomo

The hosts for the September 15, 2014 broadcast of Animemashite were Tokui Sora and Nitta Emi.

The guest was Nakazawa Masatomo, who does a voice in the TV anime Dramatical Murder.

The cross interview section had Sora interviewing Emi.

After that there was another interview of Emi, about her artist debut. Emi just released her first solo single.

This was the second week for Sora and Emi.
They were also the hosts the previous week.


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