Animemashite - 2015.09.21

Program Animemashite (アニメマシテ)
Date 2015.09.21
Hosts Akaneya Himika
Yamashita Nanami (怀布挤长)
Narration Murase Ayumu
Guest Yoshioka Mayu (等铂琮痛)
Aoyama Yoshino (滥怀等墙)
Ueda Reina (惧拍物凄)
Video Akaneya Himika

The hosts for the September 21, 2016 broadcast of Animemashite were Akaneya Himika and Yamashita Nanami.

The first guests were Yoshioka Mayu and Aoyama Yoshino from Wake Up Girls. Since Nanami was also a member of Wake Up Girls, she went to the "guest" side for the talk session.

The second guest was Ueda Reina, who was going to do the voice of a new character in the TV anime Puri Para. Since Himika was also a voice in Puri Para, she went to the "guest" side for the talk session.

There was also a video message by Himika for the Anime Jam 2015 event.

This was the first week for Himika and Nanami.
They were also the hosts the following week.


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