Animemashite - 2016.06.20

Program Animemashite (アニメマシテ)
Date 2016.06.20
Hosts Kouno Marika (高野麻里佳)
Suzuki Aina (鈴木愛奈)
Narration Inamura Ayaka
Guest Enoki Junya
Yonaga Tsubasa

The hosts for the June 20, 2016 broadcast of Animemashite were Kouno Marika and Suzuki Aina.

Marika said that she can't wink. Then she tried it, but she kept closing both eyes.

Aina said that she can, and Marika asked her to do it. Aina can wink with either eye.

The guests were Enoki Junya and Yonaga Tsubasa from the TV anime Beyblade Burst.

After talking about Beyblade for several minutes, they showed the actual toys, and played the game (the spinning toy game).

For the cross interview section, Marika interviewed Aina.

The second guest was singer Ohki Kousuke. Kousuke sings the opening song of the TV anime Battle Spirits Double Drive.

This was the second week for Marika and Aina.


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