Program Gekiten (Ź)
Station TBS (channel 6)
When Monday, 27:27 - 28:00
Regulars Yamamoto Maria (Τ)
Shintani Ryouko (ëɻ)
Mieno Hitomi
Kobyashi Osamu

This TV show started in 2004, and is a show aimed at otaku featuring rare items from anime/games/seiyuu/idols. They show off the goods on the show, and they sell it via the on-line shop and via telephone order. The regulars on this show are Yamamoto Maria, Shintani Ryoko, Mieno Hitomi, and Kobayashi Osamu. Maria, Ryoko, and Hitomi wear colorful maid/waitress outfits, and most of the show is filmed at a restaurant.

Each week there is a seiyuu or idol guest, and they spend several minutes talking with the guest.

The official web page was at, but it disappeared after the TV show ended.

Nagasawa Nao was the guest on the 2004.02.23 episode of Gekiten. She talked about her upcoming CD XOXOXO (Kiss Kiss Kiss).

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