Mayonaka no Hyakkaten 49

Program Mayonaka no Hyakkaten (ɴŹ) 49
Date 2016.03.14
Featured products men's ties
Seiyuu Ohtsuka Akio ()
Hata Sawako (»)

The featured products in this episode were men's ties.

The episode opened with Akio telling Sawako and Riina (buyer) that he was going to become human.
[continued from last week]

Then a customer came.

After helping out the customer, Akio said that the next day would be his last one.

Then Sawako talked with Riina. She said that the reason she came to this department store was the help Riina find a new start.

Then Sawako said, "It's time for me to graduate too."

The next episode will be the final episode of this TV show.