Mayonaka no Hyakkaten 50

Program Mayonaka no Hyakkaten (ɴŹ) 50
Date 2016.03.21
Featured products Henri Le Roux caramel
Seiyuu Ohtsuka Akio ()
Hata Sawako (»)

The featured products in this episode were Henri Le Roux sakura flavored caramel.

At the beginning of this episode, Akio (concierge) said that this would be the last episode.

Akio invited the last three guests, and they were all current employees of the department store. There were many flashback scenes in this episode.

Akio's final recommendation was sakura flavored caramel. Sawako gave the explanation of the Henri Le Roux caramels.

Akio said that the midnight deptment store will close, and the others asked what they would do about the "special" customers from now on. Akio replied that each daytime customer is "special" too.

While he was serving his customers, Akio was able to find the good in people. So he decided that he wanted to become human. He said goodbye to Riina and Sawako.

Sawako said that she was at this department store for just a short time, but it was a happy time. She was thankful to Akio and Riina. Then she undid her ponytail, and took off her glasses.
[This was a vey quick scene, and faded out right away.]

At the end, Sawako and Riina said their goodbyes outside.