Idol Memories 11

Program Idol Memories 11
Date 2016.12.11
Seiyuu Toyota Moe (˭˨)
Hayase Marika (轲)
Kimura Yuu
Kohara Riko
Sagara Mayu (ͥ)
Aoki Ruriko

This was the 11th broadcast of Idol Memories, and the live action Shiritsu Kanon Gakuen Housoubu VR Bunshitsu corner featuring the six main seiyuu.

The girls were in a real school like setting. Each girl chose their favorite scenes, and they showed some clips of the anime.

The girls said were in the cafeteria of Kanon Gakuen. They said they were filming the promo video of "Mainichi ga Goodday", and they showed a little bit of the video (only about 5 seconds). They said they will show more next week.

At the end, they had the Chinese lesson 13, by Mayu. There was only one lesson this week.