Koi ga Shitai x3 episode 4

Program Koi ga Shitai Koi ga Shitai Koi ga Shitai episode 4
Date 2001.07.22
Channel TBS (channel 6 in Tokyo)
Highlights Miyanishi Noa (宮西乃愛)

[contains only information about Miyanishi Noa]

At around the 44 minute mark (in the TV broadcast), there is a scene in Shimura Ichirou's apartment. (Ichirou played by Oikawa Mitsuhiro.) There is a girl with him, and then the door bell rings.

Ichirou answers the door via the monitor phone, and two of his "girl friends" appear on the small monitor phone. The first girl was played by Miyanishi Noa.

Noa's lines were:

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