Love Live Sunshine Watashitachi Kagayakitai!!

Title Love Live Sunshine Watashitachi Kagayakitai!!
Air Date 2017.09.30
Channel Tokyo MX
Seiyuu Aqours (евепев)

One week before the start of TV anime Love Live Sunshine (second season), there was a special preview episode. This program was narrated by Inami Anju.

The first 20 minutes was a recap of the first season of Love Live Sunshine.

The next 4 minutes was information about the seiyuu, and their activities so far. There were some video clips of events and Love Live goods in Numazu. There were clips of the Aqours stage at the Numazu Natsu Matsuri.

At the end, there was a 1 minute promo video for the second season.

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