Idol on Stage - 1995.12.03

Program Idol on Stage
Date NHK BS-2 broadcast on 1995.12.03
NHK BS-Hi rebroadcast on 1997.01.20
Highlights Sakurai Tomo ()

The first selection of the show is Tomo-chan's "Baby Baby". Next, Nakajima Michiyo is interviewed briefly, and she sings "Dear". There is then "Louisiana Mama" sung by Ohmura Mayumi.

Next, there is an interview segment called "Idol Tanteidan" (Detective Team). The host is dressed as a chef. Interviewed are Sakurai Tomo (featured), Marcia (Nishiie Kazue), Nakajima Michiyo, Skirt and Ohmura Mayumi (who walks in a bit late from her song). Sakurai Tomo is asked first what she has been doing lately. She talks about the birthday party of September and about the food that was there. Marcia interrupts and the conversation flows to talk about Chinese restaurants. After Nakajima Michiyo adds an example, Tomo-chan raises her hand to offer another one about African food, but apparently says it funnily, and the host corrects her, and she politely apologizes while laughing. The host asks the other guests to ask Tomo-chan a question, and they all raise their hand. The host picks Nakajima Michiyo to go first .......... Skirt, the duo who was not yet involved, was able to ask the next question, who asked about Tomo-chan's first love......

After the buzzer sounded to end the questions, Marcia was on stage to sing "Shiawase ni Nareru" (It Can Become Happiness). I really enjoyed listening to this sad ballad.

Next, Skirt sang their high-energy debut single "Skirt o Haita Kajitsu".

Marica was interviewed briefly, followed by "Teenage Boogie" and "Saturday Night Paradise" sung by Nakajima Michiyo, Sakurai Tomo, Ohmura Mayumi (all three in new costume) and Skirt.

Everyone but Nakajima Michiyo left the stage, and she sang "Tomadoi no Shuumatsu". Next, Skirt sang "Dangerous Saturday" followed by Sakurai Tomo singing "Sunday is a Stranger".

The finale was the classic "Beautiful Sunday" (the biggest selling single by an international artist on the Japanese Oricon chart - by Daniel Boone). Ohmura Mayumi sang the first stanza, and then she was joined by Sakurai Tomo, Nakajima Michiyo and Skirt.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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