Music Station - 2017.04.14

program Music Station
air date 2017.04.14
seiyuu Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP
  Ozaki Yuka (尾崎由香)
  Motomiya Kana
  Ono Saki (小野早稀)
  Sasaki Mikoi (佐々木未来)
  Nemoto Ruka (根本流風)
  Tamura Kyouka
  Aiba Aina (相羽あいな)
  Chikuta Ikuko

The seiyuu group Doubutsu Biscuits and PPP, from the TV anime Kemono Friends, were guests on the April 14, 2017 broadcast of Music Station.

All eight seiyuu were cosplaying as their animal characters.

Before their song, they showed some clips from the anime, and there was a short talk with the host Tamori. Yuka did most of the talking with Tamori.

The eight seiyuu sang "Youkoso Japari Park he", which is the opening song to Kemono Friends.

During the song, there were closeups of each seiyuu with a picture of their characters, side by side.

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