Naomi no Heya 2018.03.17

program Naomi no Heya (NAOMI の部屋)
air date 2018.03.17
seiyuu Uchida Maaya (内田真礼)
song Uchida Maaya

Naomi no Heya is a late night music program hosted by Watanabe Naomi. The in studio seiyuu guest for the March 17, 2018 broadcast was Uchida Maaya.

For Maaya's introduction, they showed some clips of Maaya's roles such as Chuunibyou and Takunomi.

For the talk part, Maaya said a few lines sent in by viewers. Then they showed a video of Maaya singing her latest single "Aventure Bleu"

Maaya was on the screen for around 8 minutes.

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