Countdown TV 2018 Kamihanki Special

program Countdown TV 2018 Kamihanki Special
air date 2018.06.28
seiyuu Inami Anju (Ȱɼ)
Saitou Shuka (ƣ)
Aida Rikako ()
Kobayashi Aika (Ӱ)
Furihata Ai (Ȩ)
Takatsuki Kanako (Фʤ)
Suwa Nanaka (ˬʤʤ)
Komiya Arisa (ͭ)
Suzuki Aina (ڰ)

The seiyuu group Aqours () was a guest on the June 28, 2018 broadcast of the TV show Countdown TV. This was a special live broadcast featuring the songs of the first half of 2018.

They mentioned that 1/3 of the songs in the top 100 rankings were anime related songs.

There was a simple introduction of Love Live, and Aqours. There was a video report on the Aqours Live in Osaka. There were backstage scenes and even a short clip of the actual concert. This contained some short interviews of the Aqours members.

Then Aqours appeared in the studio live. There was a short talk, and then they sang "Water Blue New World".

The part about Aqours was around 11 minutes.

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