Sekai Summer Resort - 2019.03.02

program Sekai Summer Resort
air date 2019.03.02
seiyuu Taketatsu Ayana (ã)

Sekai Summer Resort was a show introducing resort beaches around the world. The March 2, 2019 broadcast was about the Bahama Islands, and the in studio guest was Taketatsu Ayana.

At the beginning, they talked a little about doing voice work. Ayana said she uses her normal voice most of the time. Then the hosts asked her to do a baby voice, and Ayana did it a little bit.

Then they showed a video for about 15 minutes of the Bahamas, with the people in the studio commenting a little bit.

Then they brought a health drink from the Bahamas in the studio. The hosts and Ayana drank some of it. Ayana said it was very bitter.

Then there was around 10 more minutes of video on the Bahamas. At the end, they went back to the studio for the ending.

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